Frequently Asked Questions

What is informed consent?

Informed consent is a fundamental requirement of psychotherapy. I spend a great deal of time with everyone that I work with on psychoeducation. It is my belief that excellent treatment is a collaborative process. Informed consent is a person’s voluntary agreement to participate in treatment on the basis of his or her understanding of its potential benefits and possible risks and available alternatives.

What is conjoint therapy?

This treatment model is a relational approach to treatment where two or more individuals are seen together in a therapy session. This type of therapy may be used in couples therapy or to deal with issues between a parent and child.

What is an intensive couples retreat?

This is an opportunity for condensed and highly focused treatment that occurs over the course of 3-4 days. An intensive provides an opportunity to help couples quickly move through specific issues and acquire new skills in a short period of time. Unlike other marital encounters, workshops and seminars, this is not a group experience. The retreat is a time efficient way of working. As a husband and wife psychologist team we will help you to rebuild trust, understanding, prevent or resolve conflicts and learn more effective ways to communicate and build greater intimacy. We will help you to get to the root of your issues with the gift of uninterrupted time free from distractions. The stop and start of 50 minute sessions can make it difficult to work through core relational issues. This model allows for greater therapeutic progress.

What is breathing retraining?

The technique is used in behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy, particularly in the treatment of anxiety. Individuals will be taught slow diaphragmatic breathing through various methods including therapist modeling and collective feedback.

What is mindfulness meditation?

This type of meditation is intended to enable individuals to become highly attentive to breathing, sensory information, thoughts and feelings and learn how to focus on each moment as it occurs.